Using the RAC Electric Highway®

The Highway is open to all electric vehicle users in Western Australia and is easy to use.To charge your vehicle you will require an access (RFID) card to activate the chargers.

Activating a charging station

To use the RAC Electric Highway® charging stations a ChargeStar RFID card is required. If you don't have a card, you can get one by contacting ChargeStar at or by calling 1300 661 895.



1  Green light = GO

When static diodes are green, charging stations are ready to go

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2  Plug in

Plug connector into car - Ready light will flash, then charge light will activate

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3  Tag on

Use your RFID card to tag on - when diodes turn blue, the car is being charged

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4  Press start

Tag off to finish charging

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5  Tag off

Blue diodes turn green and charge lights will turn off

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6  Unplug

Unplug the connector from your car and off you go!

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How long does it take to charge?

Charging time depends on the size of the battery pack and method of charging, DC or AC. Most car batteries will charge from flat to 80% in twenty minutes on a DC fast charge. AC charging times range from four to eight hours. Please refer to your vehicle manual to seek clarification about charging times.

If you need to report a technical or card issue with a charging station please contact our service provider phone 1300 661 895

Sites coming soon

This is just the beginning of the RAC Electric Highway® sites, as we aim to open more in the South West in future. Check back here soon for the next charging station.



See all current locations in the map below
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