Key information on the RAC Electric Highway®


What are the technical specifications?

Two types of charging station are located at each destination on the RAC Electric Highway® , DC fast charging and AC slow charging.

Trio Fast Charging Station with Tesla Model S Compatible AC Charging Cable

The Trio fast charging station has three cables, CHAdeMO fast charging, CCS Combo 1 fast charging and an AC cable that can deliver up to 43kW AC to type 2 IEC62196-2 (Mennekes) compatible cars such as the Tesla Model S.

Technical specifications

1 DC CSS Combo 1 mode cable/connector
1 DC CHAdeMO mode 4 JEVS G105 cable connector
1 AC Mode3 Type 2 (Mennekes) cable connector for the Tesla Model S
Compatible with AU/NZ 400V AC three phase power supply at a frequency of 50/60 Hz

DC Output

Maximum output current 120 A
Maximum output power 50 kW
Output voltage range 50 – 500 VDC

AC Output

Maximum output current 63 A
Maximum output power 43 kW
Output voltage range 400V AC.

Wallbox/ Bollard Charger

Number of sockets  1
Input AC power supply  1 P + N +PE
AC Voltage  230V AC +/- 10%
Nominal input current  32 A
Nominal input power  7,2 kW
Output  50 / 60 Hz
Rated output power  7,2 kW
Rated output current  32 A.
Charge system 
Socket A  Mode 3 (IEC 61851), Type 1 cable tethered (UNE EN 62196-2)
How do I use the RAC Electric Highway®?

To charge your vehicle you will require an access (RFID) card to activate the chargers. The cards are available by contacting ChargeStar at or telephone 1300 661 895.

Existing RFID cards should be retained for use on other chargers in Western Australia.

Do I call the RAC to request a card?

No. The driver management services are managed by ChargeStar.

Please contact Chargestar ( 661895) to request an access (RFID) card.

Do I need to book the charging station?

Chargers are available on a first-come basis. Please see above Question: "How do I activate the charger/use the Electric Highway" for details on getting an RFID card.

Is there a cost to use the RAC Electric Highway®?

Yes the chargers are owned by local government and an access charge applies. Please visit for details.

Who do I contact if I need assistance when at a charging station?
  • If there appears to be a machine fault
  • If there appears to be a vehicle fault (e.g. not charging or connecting properly)
  • If there is a physical fault
  • If I get to charging station but do not have a card
  • If I get to a charging station and someone else is charging that has not booked or appears to be taking longer than required than their usual charge time. 

Please telephone 1300 661895 to report a technical or card issue with the charging station.

For physical issues (vandalism, graffiti etc), please report it to the relevant local government.     

Details of the helpdesk phone number and the local government are located on each charging unit. 

PLEASE NOTE: This service is managed independently.  Please do not call the RAC Roadside Assistance as they will be unable to assist with your enquiry.

More information

We have worked closely with local governments from the South West to deliver this exciting project for WA. The RAC Electric Highway®charging stations are maintained by respective local governments.

For more information please contact Media enquiries: RAC Advocacy and Members on 9436 4111 or

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